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Update: Getting Away with Murder…


Yesterday it was reported that Van Der Sloot confessed  to the Peruvian authorities for last week’s slaying of Stephany Flores. According to media reports, Joran claimed that he and Miss Flores went up to his hotel room and after he, or perhaps both of them, got high he left to go purchase some bread and coffee from a local market. Upon his return Stephany was searching his laptop and came across something or other linking him to the Natalee Holloway killing. She wanted to leave the room, he wouldn’t let her, she pushed him, and he claims he choked her and she died.

Typically this would be the point where Jesse Martin or Jerry Orbach would say, “You did the right thing in confessing this, kid.” Then they would get him some coffee and alert whatever hot assistant Jack McCoy was employing that the suspect confessed.  The show would appear to be over, until you realize there are still thirty minutes left, so some twist had to be in store. Cue Law and Order theme music: DA DA DA DAA DAAAAAA.

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