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Update: Joran Will Reveal Location of Natalee’s Body

"I didn't kill this one"

Step one of my theory is coming into fruition quite nicely. Let’s see how long til he ties in some type of gambling addiction…

Police: Van der Sloot Said He Knows Location of Holloway’s Body [CNN]


And the First Pick of the Draft is…

wanna party?

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote an op-ed piece a couple of days ago about the shenanigans going on at Landon, an elite private high school in Maryland. Apparently a certain group of boys would “draft” freshman girls, bring them to parties, try to have sex with them, and pay each other money based on their results. Quote:

One team was called “The Southside Slampigs,” and one boy dubbed his team with crude street slang for drug-addicted prostitutes.

The young woman who was the “top pick” was described by one of the boys in a team profile he put up online as “sweet, outgoing, friendly, willing to get down and dirty and [expletive] party. Coming in at 90 pounds, 5’2 and a bra size 34d.” She would be a special asset to the team, he noted, because her mother “is quite the cougar herself.”

Dowd then goes on to call into question Landon’s mission statement of building men with character and other exemplary qualities, drawing a tenuous connection between these 9th graders and the UVA lacrosse player that killed his girlfriend a few months ago on campus (he was an ex-student of the high school).

However reprehensible this behavior may be, there is no need to be sanctimonious. I don’t know where Maureen went to school, but teenage boys trying to get teenage girls to sleep with them is not shocking in the least (One wonders if she has seen American Pie or any of the other high school movies or TV shows of the past 20 years or so). Furthermore,  guys that treat women like crap and seems to have no qualms about it are a dime a dozen. Making a comparison between that type of behavior and murder is asinine.

Anyone who has ever been in a male locker room most likely has heard boasts of sexual conquest and overly sexual descriptions of girls. It’s as routine as chatter about sports. In fact, had the boys been wiser and not let some chick find out about their secret group, then the girls would have just been doing what every other woman does on a regular basis. That is going out and dating men, some good some bad.

Eventually the girls would realize this particular group of boys were no good and they would stop dating them. How is this different from any other woman of any age, dating men anywhere in the United States? You live and you learn. Some men are good, some are bad. How do you expect to protect 9th grade girls from devious 9th grade boys? They have to learn for themselves. It’s called life.

In some ways this fantasy team would have taught the girls a vital lesson, that they should pay attention to who they hang out with and that every boy that claims he loves her is not telling the truth.  Perhaps if Natalee Holloway and Stephany Flores had been “drafted” and seen the evil character of some men, they may have noticed Joran van der Sloot was a bad apple, and they wouldn’t have hung out with him, and they’d still be alive. In a way these Landon boys could have saved some lives. Now they will never get the chance.

Their Dangerous Swagger [NY Times]

Update: Getting Away with Murder…


Yesterday it was reported that Van Der Sloot confessed  to the Peruvian authorities for last week’s slaying of Stephany Flores. According to media reports, Joran claimed that he and Miss Flores went up to his hotel room and after he, or perhaps both of them, got high he left to go purchase some bread and coffee from a local market. Upon his return Stephany was searching his laptop and came across something or other linking him to the Natalee Holloway killing. She wanted to leave the room, he wouldn’t let her, she pushed him, and he claims he choked her and she died.

Typically this would be the point where Jesse Martin or Jerry Orbach would say, “You did the right thing in confessing this, kid.” Then they would get him some coffee and alert whatever hot assistant Jack McCoy was employing that the suspect confessed.  The show would appear to be over, until you realize there are still thirty minutes left, so some twist had to be in store. Cue Law and Order theme music: DA DA DA DAA DAAAAAA.

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Was that George Bush in a Black Sabbath Video?


Getting away with murder…

What, Me Worry?

Last week, Joran Van Der Sloot was arrested In Chile for the murder of a young lady in Peru. However, it wasn’t the young lady that he was suspected of murdering, and admitted to a friend on videotape that he indeed did murder, Natalee Holloway. For those that don’t remember, way back a half decade ago in 2005, Van Der Sloot was accused of murdering Miss Holloway in Aruba. Almost 11 years to the day of the murder OJ Simpson was falsely accused of, we had another murder of an innocent white lady. This time it was in Aruba and the girl was a high school student for goodness sakes. The police accused him of the murder only because he was last seen with her on a beach, had given her drugs and had his buddies come and dump her body off of a boat. While that would have been tremendous evidence for most jurisdictions in the United States, simply wasn’t enough for the authorities in Aruba. Van Der Sloot was never held for more than a few days, and as soon as he was released he was back to his old tricks (sans murder, natch) picking up girls at hotel bars.

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