Why Must You Make it Rain?

The good folks at RollingOut Magazine, have taken the time to research one of the more pressing concerns in today’s black community, that being black men giving their hard earned bucks away to strippers.  To wit:

The great debate continues to rage each and every day on why a brother would choose to give his money to a pole dancer. The logic that takes place in the male psyche rationalizes his actions. In that everything he gives is to realize a fantasy – mainly in the bed. The message that a pole dancer sends is that she possesses and manifests the skill set to turn fantasy into reality. Women, if you want to keep that check coming into the household and your man at home here are five ways to make it happen:

Surprisingly, one of the five tips aren’t “bring home other women for you man and leave the house for a few hours.” Which begs the far more important question, How far are black woman willing to go to keep their black man? Instead of complaining about money going to strippers, it is obvious that if the women want their man’s money they too should become a stripper. Problem solved.

Why Black Men Give Up Their Paychecks For Strippers and Pole Dancers [rollingout.com]


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