Jay-z barely owns any of the Nets

How much do you barely own?

In most articles and blogs that talk about Lebron’s impending free agency period, they always discuss possible destinations for King James. The teams that continually pop-up are Cleveland, Chicago and New Jersey. However, whenever talking about Jersey the writers always mention how Jay-z barely owns any of the Nets. Even today on ESPN SportsNation the female host says, “Yeah but he doesn’t really own the Nets.” As if she owns anything other than the clothes on her back, and those are probably owned by ESPN anyway.

For the record, Mr. Carter owns anywhere from 1.3%-2.0% of the New Jersey Nets, depending on what you read. He owns as much of a percentage in the Nets as George W. Bush did in the Texas Rangers. I don’t care about how Jay is represented anyway, it’s not like he is paying me a salary (Lord knows I can use the money), but if we didn’t continually diminish Bush’s interest in the Rangers, I don’t see why we do it for Jay-Z.


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