Lil Kim v. Nicki Minaj

Surprising absolutely no one, Lil Kim has finally decided to take aim at Nicki Mianj, claiming the self-proclaimed Barbie has “swagger jacked” her style. On her current promo tour she told Nicki to take off her wig. As far as disses go it could get worse, but my question is, “Why go after her?” Isn’t the Queen Bee above all of this? Since 1995, Lil Kim has attacked every female rapper that has ever received any acclaim, with the exception of Missy Elliot. Foxy Brown, Eve, Charli Baltimore and Remy Ma have all caught the wrath of Kim, at one point or another, for “swagger jacking” her style.  So is her beef with Nicki real or is this just another example of a bitch* trying to mark her territory?  Let’s Examine.

Lil Kim came out the gate as a drug-dealing, oversexed porn-starlet rapper, alternating tales of gun-toting with tales of sexual pleasure.  She essentially was Notorious B.I.G. with a vagina “deeper than a pussy of a girl six feet,” without the verbal dexterity. Nicki Minaj, on the other hand, came out as a somewhat asexual barbie doll type of character. While she does wear the wigs and makeup like Kim did, so do lots of women. In terms of persona, however, there are very few comparisons between the two. While Kim rapped lines such as, “got buffons eating my pussy while I watch cartoons,” Nicki Minaj is more likely to drop lines such as, “He pressin’ me like button downs on a Friday night.” Admittedly, I chose a rather innocuous Nick line  but the gist is Lil Kim was a walking porn star. Minaj, while she does sell her sexuality, has more to offer. Furthermore, Kim was heavy on the references to her experiences drug dealing (at least when Bigge was allegedly writing for her). Nicki, as far as I know (and admittedly I don’t know much about her), has not referenced drug dealing at all. Similarity? No.

That previous paragraph is perhaps the only qualm Kim could have because when it comes to actual rapping skills, there is no comparison. Minaj is by far the better emcee. In no way do I mean to denounce the legacy of the “lady” who went to jail for lying about knowing one of her ex-boyfriends, but her rap skills left much to be desired. Not for nothing, but the other two main female rappers from the 90s, the aforementioned Foxy Brown and Eve, were tons better than Kim. As far as I’m concerned this isn’t even a debate. The Queen Bee really shined when Prodigy wrote she rapped on the Mobb Deep Quiet Storm remix, it was perhaps her finest verse ever. Which is really saying something when Eve and Foxy spit verses that strong at least ten times an album without having Prodigy or Maino or Biggie writing them assistance.

Nicki is obviously, in my opinion, more in the Eve and Foxy mode when it come to rapping. Some people say she is biting too much off of Lil Wayne, as if emulating the highest selling rapper of the last half decade is a  bad thing. The fact of the matter is she was spitting before her association with Wayne.  It’s a good thing Kim is keeping her swagger jacking claims confined to style, cause if she was to actually battle on the mic she’d get trounced.  Similarity? No.

Lastly, we have Kim’s claim that Nick disrespected her. I have searched the web long and hard for the last 15 seconds and I can’t find anything anywhere about Nicki ever dissing Kim. In fact, all I see is the opposite, Minaj “paying homage” to all the women that have come before her.  In today’s day and age if something was said about Lil Kim there would be 555 bloggers talking about it within seconds, as if it was a rumor about somebody from the Cavs sleeping with Lebron’s mom, for instance.  With no proof, all you have is a glove that doesn’t fit.

Given this factual information and research, I have to call Kim a Queen Bitch** for picking this fight with someone at least 10 years younger.  Kim comes off like Chasey Lain criticizing Sasha Grey for “swagger jacking” her fellatio skills.  There is room enough for more than one woman in the kitchen rap game.

Kim Disses Minaj on Kendra G [via]

*Bitch meaning female dog.

**Queen Bitch meaning bitchy female human.


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